• What is TMJ?

      TMJ also known as the temporomandibular joint dysfunction refers to a painful condition in the jaw that can be a cause from grinding of the teeth or clenching of jaw. TMJ dysfunction can present itself in many form such as neck pain, fascial pain and/or headaches. At Synergy Myofascial Release & Rehab we take a holistic approach to the treatment of TMJ dysfunction. We will look at your overall posturing to see if the TMJ dysfunction is a result of an unbalanced pelvis or a forward head posturing. Our skilled clinicians then use of variety of hands on techniques including muscle energy techniques, craniosacral release, and intraoral myofascial release techniques to release the pterygoid muscles. We also work on anterior cervical muscles that can be a contributing factor to your TMJ dysfunction. We will instruct you in helpful positioning techniques to alleviate your pain.

    Therapy for TMJ