• Manual Muscle Energy Techniques (MET’s) are used to retrain the musculoskeletal system to realign joints to provide for increase range of motion with decreased pain.  MET’s are a noninvasive safe alternative to joint mobilizations/manipulation to correct SI dysfunction and facet syndrome.

    Here at Synergy Myofascial Release & Rehab, Inc. we look at the whole body and believe that the pelvis is the base of support of the spine.  If the pelvis is not aligned and there is a leg length discrepancy the muscles are being torqued to compensate and this leads to fascial restrictions running up the entire length of the spine; even producing neck pain and headaches.

     The use of MET’s to realign the pelvis and correct the leg length discrepancy allows the patient to achieve equal weight bearing through bilateral lower extremities and promotes a solid foundation.  This allows proper gait patterns to return and for the body to stop fighting itself to move.