• FSM is Frequency Specific Microcurrent which aids in the treatment of chronic pain conditions. Synergy Myofascial Release and Rehab is only the second clinic in the state to offer this cutting edge modality. Our staff has received education from the Cleveland Clinic to provide this pain relieving stimulation that targets both the specific condition with corresponding tissue to decrease your pain.

    Whats the difference between FSM and TENS?

    Frequency Specific Microcurrent is registered with the FDA as a TENS meaning transcutaneous electrical neuromuscular stimulator but is very different from the TENS unit that you may have at home. The difference is that this is a Microcurrent meaning you do not feel the electrical current and the frequency which it is ran at is set to the particular problem/condition then paired with the tissue type being treated. So take for instance if you have sciatic nerve pain. We would run different frequencies that would treat the inflammation of the nerve, scarring of the nerve, inflammation of the disc, or facet. The cool thing about FSM is that within 30 seconds of getting the right combination the tissue/muscle releases immediately.

    What is Frequency Specific Microcurrent?

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