• Synergy Myofascial /Ridgeland

    Welcome to therapy clinic that is devoted to your health! At Synergy Myofascial we offer a unique treatment to relief pain and restore movement. We are here to empower you in taking control of your life as we guide you through muscle and tissue healing process. We have developed the best hands-on and whole body approaches for discovery and treatment of pain disorders, such as neck pain, shoulder pain, back-pain, chronic pain, knee pain, and other conditions.

    Over the years Myofascial release has been recognized as the best treatment for pain disorders, injuries, headache and migraine. And Synergy Myofascial is considered as the best Myofascial release and traditional physical therapy clinic in Ridgeland.

    What makes us unique? Synergy Myofascial prides itself in offering a healing and nurturing health environment. Our team consist of a number of professional, trained and skilled therapists who have years of experience in healing pain disorders. We are the only clinic in Ridgeland that provides effective traditional physical therapy. On top of providing you the best myofascial release and physical therapy we make it our objective to educate you on everything you need to know about your body and how to live a quality life. Visit our clinic to get the healing you need today.

  • Myofascial Release

    Myofascial release is a type of massage therapy that uses hands-on technique to apply pressure gently on fascia connective tissues in order to correct a pain disorder. In other words, Myofascial therapy is designed to treat any health condition that involves fascia tissue or muscle pain. This kind of treatment helps in improving flexibility and restoring motion. Over the years myofascial treatment has proven to be more than effective in improving flexibility, eliminating/reducing pain and restoring motion.

    What is fascia tissue? This a strong, thin connective tissue that covers the body muscles, bones, organs on the cellular level, and nerve blood vessels. Connective tissue plays an important role in supporting and strengthening the body. So, what are some of the conditions can this therapy treat? Myofascial therapy usually focuses on easing pain. Often one experiences myofascial pain due to overusing or straining the ligaments, tendons, or muscles. The muscles fibers injuries, repetitive motions injuries, pain from inactivity triggers myofascial pain.

    Myofascial release can be very beneficial in easing pain. Unlike other therapy treatment, myofascial therapy uses a whole body approach, and it has the ability to manage pain on the affected areas as well as the entire body, since it allows lymph, nerve receptors and blood to work more effective. Synergy myofascial clinic we offer the best myofascial release services.

    Physical Therapy

    Synergy myofascial therapy clinic treats pain disorders that may be caused by sports, work, motor vehicle collision injuries, surgical operations or chronic conditions. We provide the best hands-on treatment to our patients. The physical therapy is the best treatment to manage and restore functional ability and maximum mobility in your life.

    The main goal of physical therapy is determining and maximizing your movement potential and quality of life. We use traditional-based physical therapy treatment without the use of medicines to provide the best treatment services. Evaluation is the first step to physical therapy. Our therapist will ask you detailed question on your situation, needs and goals. The hands-on approach makes us the best among other therapist.

    Our therapist employ a number of tactics, such as massage, stretching, hands-on techniques exercise to relief the pain and restore movement. The hands-on techniques include manipulation, joint mobilization, and soft tissue mobilization and trigger point release. Applying pressure on tight muscles and tissue helps to loosen them. Throughout your therapy session you will work one-on-one with a skilled therapist. At Synergy Myofascial we care!

  • Ridgeland, MS

    The city of Ridgeland is community in every since of the word. The residents enjoy the best of both worlds near Mississippi’s largest metro area. Filled with parks and endless recreational activities, the city boast’s a high quality of life. The locals spend time in organizations like the Historical Society, Bicycling Groups, and more. For those interested in visiting the area, their tourism commission is one of the finest. Their local program Keep Ridgeland Beautiful received the William Nash Award for their excellent implementation of the system. From societies and environmental committees to recreational parks and shopping at the Renaissance, Ridgeland has it all.


    Synergy Serving Ridgeland:

    Synergy Myofascial Release and Rehab proudly serves the close-knit community of Ridgeland with a top-notch facility and highly trained staff, offering specialized treatments to combat pain. A short drive from Ridgeland will lead you to Synergy where we take into account you and your physician’s orders when seeking to eliminate physical pain and create lasting results.