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    The city of Pearl is creating it’s own future. With the opening of the new Outlets of Mississippi, the area has become a traffic-driving machine. The city prides itself on the unified efforts of the community, with a wide variety of opportunities for it’s residents. Locals know the importance of community and it shows with their support of the local Pearl Pirates High School Football team.


    Myofascial Release

    What is Myofascial release? Myofascial release is a unique type of physical therapy used to treat chronic pain, back pain, neck pain, migraine and headache. A human body is covered with myofascial tissues, and the degree of their tightness or sensitivity may cause pain, immobility and fatigue. This usually happens if the tissues are overused. A specific point within your myofascial tissues where the pain originates from is referred to as trigger point.

    How does it work? This kind of therapy focuses on easing the pain by reducing the tightness and tension in the myofascial tissues. Although it is not easy to determine the trigger points, our team is well equipped with the necessary techniques to determine what trigger points are accountable for the pain. Instead of working on a specific trigger points, our therapist uses a hand on treatment over a broad area of tissue and muscle, since is the easiest method to reach all the affected trigger points.

    Our therapist will massage the affected tissues gently as he/she detect tightened or stiff areas. With light manual pressure, the therapist will massage and stretch the tissue area that feels rigid. Then he/she will aid the tissue and it support sheath in discharging the tightness as well as pressure. Synergy myofascial we are here to make sure the tissues tightness and tension is fully released. In fact, our therapist will apply pressure on the same trigger point multiple times to ensure all the pain is gone.

    Physical Therapy

    One of the primary services that Snergy Myofascial offers is physical therapy. Synergy Myofascial is one of the leading traditional physical therapy clinics in Pearl that offers the best physical therapy treatment regardless of your age or physical problems. Physical therapy is the best way you can enhance your balance, strength, coordination, sensory processing and flexibility.

    We have all the techniques required to discover why you developed chronic pain, neck pain, back pain, headache and other pain. After determining the cause of your problem, we will offer the best massage/therapy for your pain. Synergy Myofascial is the only Physical therapy clinic using traditional physical therapy treatment to help ease body pains such as pack pain or neck pain. For individualized pain there are no set treatments, thus our therapist will work one-on-one with you to determine the best treatment for your problem.

    Are you experiencing back pain? The solution is here! All you need is to visit our clinic to undergo a physical therapy. We use a combination of traditional physical therapy and Myofascial release to ease your pain. Visit our clinic to get the treatment you deserve!

    Synergy Serving Pearl:

    Synergy Myofascial Release and Rehab proudly serves the close-knit community of Pearl with a top-notch facility and highly trained staff, offering specialized treatments to combat pain. A short drive from Pearl will lead you to Synergy where we take into account you and your physician’s orders when seeking to eliminate physical pain and create lasting results.