• New Patient Information


    Thank you for choosing Synergy Myofascial Release & Rehab, Inc. for your physical therapy needs.  We are a traditional physical therapy clinic that  specializes in Myofascial Release which is a hands on, one on one treatment to release the fascial system, a whole body system of connective tissue, that can create holding patterns in the your muscles and cause postural deficits and pain.

     Your treatment will consist of

    •  an extensive initial evaluation by a Licensed Physical Therapist
    •  an individualized treatment plan for your needs
    • A full hour hands on treatment one on one


    Reservoir Clinic Hours

    Monday 7am - 7pm
    Tuesday  7am - 7pm 
    Wednesday 7am - 7pm 
    Thursday  7am - 7pm 
    Friday, 7am - 3pm
    Saturday  Closed
    Sunday Closed

    Madison Clinic Hours

    Monday 8am - 5pm
    Tuesday  8am - 5pm 
    Wednesday 8am - 5pm 
    Thursday  8am - 5pm 
    Friday, 8am - 5pm
    Saturday  Closed
    Sunday Closed


    Thank you for letting us work with you to get rid of the Pain.

    Download your Synergy New Patient Packet