• What is Fibromyalgia?


    Fibromyalgia is a treatable condition that presents with wide spread musculoskeletal pain. Research shows that a person’s brain with Fibromyalgia interoperates pain twice as much as a person’s brain without this condition. Sleep disturbances, tenderness to touch, chronic pain and depression are symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

    At Synergy Myofascial Release & Rehab we provide a gentle hands on holistic approach in the treatment and management of Fibromyalgia pain. We spend an hour one-on-one with our patient’s in a private treatment room to provide a relaxing environment to help decrease holding patterns in the fascial system, teach diaphragmatic breathing and physiological quieting techniques to quiet down the sympathetic nervous system and restore sleep.

    We have found that once sleep patterns are restored and holding patterns are released the body is able to stop fighting itself and in turn pain is decreased. MFR is a safe and effective treatment for Fibromyalgia.

    Myofascial Release and Fibromyalgia