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    Madison, located in Jackson metro area, boasts hometown spirit with over 25,000 residents managing to keep it’s small-town feel. Their city publication “This is Madison” accurately portrays the community and it’s current developments. Once a small farming community, Madison now has countless attractions including their cant-miss downtown farmer’s market. Locals are familiar with the well-known Red Caboose where it’s arts center grounds are home to family events like the Scarecrow Festival, held in October. Madison is a picture perfect, family oriented escape from the bustling metro area.

    Our Approach

    Our clinic uses a comprehensive hands-on treatment approach! Our team uses a wide range of therapeutic procedures and exercise to improve range of motion, muscle strength, balance, posture, and coordination. We understand that many patients with chronic pain and injuries require specialized traditional physical therapy to overcome the pain. Although our clinic specializes in Myofascial release and traditional physical therapy, we also specialize on other therapy treatments, such as frequency Specific Micro-current, Cupping, Muscle Energy Technique, Therapeutic Exercise, Joint Mobilizations and Orthopedic Conditions.

    Myofascial Release

    Myofascial release therapy is that kind of therapy treatment that focuses on releasing tissue and muscle tightness and shortness. There a number of pain disorders that this therapy addresses. Many patients seeks this therapy when experiencing back, neck, hip, shoulder, and other kinds of pain in any area covered with soft tissues. Myofascial release therapy cans also treat other conditions, like migraine, headaches and joint disorder.

    Patient suffering from Myofascial release syndrome may experience symptoms, such as a sense of excessive pressure on joints or muscles that cause pain, tightness of the tissues causing reduce mobility and you may have to overuse a shoulder or hip, pain at any part of the body, which includes back pain or headache.

    What causes Myofascial pain? Sources of Myofascial pain are usually two; the pain can originate from connective tissue or skeletal muscles that are wrapped by tight fascia. Sometimes it may originate from damaged myofascial tissue. Myofascial release causes blood flow restriction which affects body structures.

    The main goal of myofascial release therapy is to loosen and stretch the fascia to enhance movement and flexibility. Our clinic has a team of qualified, experienced and friendly therapist who are devoted to discovering trigger points, and providing the right therapy treatment. Myofascial therapy can also help in enhancing the effectives of other therapy treatments, like manipulation, acupuncture, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Prior to a surgery you can improve muscular and skeletal alignment by having a myofascial therapy. Are you an athlete looking for a better way to achieve great alignment? Visit synergy myofascial prior to sports competition.

    Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy is the treatment you need ease pain, improve malfunction, manage physical disability, and improve movement. Our clinic offers you various physical therapy disciplines, such as back and neck pain, chronic pain, leg and knee pain, foot and ankle pain, shoulder pain and other conditions.

    We offer a wide range of physical therapy services. Our therapist will design a physical therapy treatment based on your needs, situation and objective. We have a team of educated, skilled and courteous therapist who are devoted to serving you. Our main goal is to help you regain your life through traditional physical therapy.

    With physical therapy treatment a hands-on technique is used. We are one of the largest traditional physical therapy clinics at Madison. Over the years we have gained trusted reputation due to our commitment to clients’ satisfaction. Our goal is to be an integral part to your path to happiness and long life. We believe traditional physical therapy techniques can help eliminate pain, and offer you the quality life you need.

    Synergy Serving Madison:

    Synergy Myofascial Release and Rehab proudly serves the close-knit community of Madison with a top-notch facility and highly trained staff, offering specialized treatments to combat pain. A short drive from Madison will lead you to Synergy where we take into account you and your physician’s orders when seeking to eliminate physical pain and create lasting results.