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    Our treatment incorporates a combination of physical therapy and myofascial release. This is an excellent way to release tissue tension and soreness and strengthen your muscles. For decades we have been using a hands-on technique to treat chronic pain, neck pain, back pain, headache, migraine and other conditions.

    Our therapist are educated, trained and have the experience need to provide the best Myofascial treatment. They also posses advanced therapy skills in pain disorders, joint dysfunction, injuries and chronic conditions. We are proud to be one of the best traditional physical therapy clinics in Jackson. We offer quality physical therapy services to eliminate or reduce pain, and heal injuries. Get a progressive, one-on-one myofascial treatment, whereby our therapist work closely with you to determine the cause of your pain and provides you with right treatment.

    We provide a health environment for healing! At Synergy Myofascial we understand that you health matters, and experience, specializations and skills are necessary in fulfilling your needs and desires. Get to enjoy your journey to pain free life!

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    Myofascial Release

    Myofascial release therapy is a treatment used to treat pain disorders and other conditions. The treat is mainly used in treating myofascial release syndrome – a chronic pain disorder that originates from myofascial tissue and muscles sensitivity and tightness. Myofascial tissues wrap your body muscles, thus providing strength and support. Myofascial release treatment works by easing the tightness and tension in the triggers points to eliminate/reduce pain.

    What is myofascia? It’s a net-like connective tissue that covers your bones and muscles. Although it is a soft tissue, it is very flexible and moves easily. Sometimes we may overuse myofascia causing tightness and pain. And we may also get injuries due to inactivity, poor posture, work, or inflammation, thus making the myofascia to lose flexibility and become tight.

    This kind of therapy is not only meant for patients with pain or injuries. It is also a great way to have a healthy active life. For instance, it is a perfect treatment for athletes who would like to have a successful sport life. There so many benefits that comes with myofascial release, such as enhancing blood flow, corrects muscular imbalances, release joint stress and muscle soreness, improves mobility, and enhances performances.

    Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy is a popular therapy for treating pain disorders. Would you like to have quality life? Physical therapy is what you need! Physical therapy techniques help in managing a wide range of health conditions, such as soft tissue injuries, pain disorders, and headache among others. We specialize on hand-on therapy approach with other manual therapy techniques. Our therapist works towards helping you attain your highest level of movement, health and function.
    Our unique physical therapy approach combines a number of creative techniques to offer you extraordinary treatment. We examine the whole body to figure out the trigger points, and base our treatment plans to your situation and needs. We also treat you until you have fully recovered, and offer after-therapy guidance to ensure that you have a health active life.

    One-on-one care with your favorite therapist helps to improve flexibility, strength and quality of life. Our goal is to provide effective treatment for pain disorders in the shortest time possible. Our professional therapist utilizes the hands-on technique to stretch and release joints, tissues and muscles. Unlike other therapists who treat only the physical problems, our therapist uses the whole body approach to determine the physical and emotional factors that contributed to your condition. In addition, after treatment we provide you with a follow-up program to prevent pain disorders in future.

    Are you frustrated by chronic pain, constant headache or migraine, back pain, neck pain and other pain disorders? Contact us today and get the treatment you need!