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    Are you seeking effective treatment for low back pain, chronic pain, neck pain, migraines and headaches? Synergy Myofascial therapy clinic, we are here to offer the deep tissue massage you need. With us an effective treatment is a guarantee as we combine myofascial release with traditional physical therapy.

    Over the years Synergy Myofascial has gained a reputation for excellence in Myofascial release and physical therapy. We have helped countless clients to ease chronic pain, neck pain, back pain, and to recover from surgical procedures as well as serious injuries.

  • Our Approach

    For Myofascial release therapy we use hands-on approach; Myofascial release treatment is performed on the client skin directly without the use of machinery, oil or even creams. This kind of approach allows our therapist to detect the actual fascia restrictions and apply the amount of pressure need to release the fascia. We combined Myofascial release therapy with traditional physical therapy to treat your problem and correct the cause too.

    Myofascial Release

    At some point in life you may have experienced muscles stiffness or muscles release; your therapist may have advised you to try some deep tissue therapy or in other words myofascial release. So, what is myofascial release? We can simply describe it as soft tissue therapy. Myofascial release is mainly used to treat skeletal muscle pain and immobility. This kind of therapy focuses on connective tissues such as, fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue that holds everything together as it wraps around body structures, muscles included.

    Sometimes fascia can become tight, thus causing a decrease in blood supply, muscles constriction, pain and immobility. Fascia tightness maybe caused by disease, overuse, infection, inactivity or even trauma. The main objective of myofascial release is to improve circulation of blood, relax contacted muscles, and improve lymphatic.

    How does myofascial release works? With this kind of tissues therapy, pressure is applied gently on to the constricting fascia to lengthen or loosen it. During this time, the therapist will work towards breaking down the adhesion between your body tissues. It may take a while for the tissues to be softened, lengthen and re-aligned, but it is worth the few minutes wait.

    Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy can be used to treat muscle pains and immobility! It is also designed to treat injuries, health conditions, and illness as well as to prevent health problems in future. This kind of therapy also includes manual therapy which is performed mostly by use of hands. It also involves exercises such as stretching. The main goal of physical therapy is decreased pain, relaxation, increased flexibility and health fitness.

    With manual therapy three tactics may be applied; massage, mobilization, manipulation. With massage the therapist will apply pressure to the body tissues, like muscles, gently. Massage is the best treatment to increase blood circulation, ease pain in the soft body tissues and relax muscles. With mobilization the practitioner uses slow, measured movements to push, pull or twist joints and bones into the right position. This is the best therapy tactic to loosen tight joint tissues, and improve flexibility and alignment. When it comes to manipulation, our therapist will apply pressure to the affected joint using a special device or hands. Forced applied on a joint ranges from slow to rapid and from gentle to strong.

    Synergy Myofascial therapy clinic has gained a trusted reputation because of attention and time our therapist devote to our client. Our therapist takes their time to analyze underlying factors that caused the chronic pain, headache, migraine, back pain, neck pain and so on, thus they are able to offer the best treatment.

  • Flowood, MS

    Flowood understands the importance of quality of life among its residents. From the Flowood Family Festival to Movies-N-Moonlight there’s always events for the family to attend. If you’re looking to shoot a few birdies, try your hand at the Annual Mayor’s Cup Golf Tournament. Flowood attracts visitors often flocking to it’s exceptional shopping and restaurant selection. The city also has its share of museums such as the Mississippi Children’s Museum and Mississippi’s Agriculture & Forestry Museum. Offering endless adventures, the region is never home to a dull moment.


    Synergy Serving Flowood:

    Synergy Myofascial Release and Rehab proudly serves the close-knit community of Flowood with a top-notch facility and highly trained staff, offering specialized treatments to combat pain using Myofascial Release techniques . Just  a short drive from Flowood will lead you to Synergy where we take into account you and your physician’s orders when seeking to eliminate physical pain and create lasting results.